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AngelList Reviews: What’s wrong with AngelList? – AngelKings

What is AngelList?

AngelList is a website that connects accredited investors with early-stage startups. It offers a platform for startups to post their profiles, search for investors and make connections.

There are many good things about AngelList. First, it is a great way for accredited investors to get involved early in the startup ecosystem. It also provides startups with access to a large pool of potential investors. However, there are some areas where AngelList could improve. For example, the process of finding an investor can be time consuming and complicated. Additionally, the site could improve its user interface and make it easier to navigate. Overall, AngelList is a valuable resource for startups looking to connect with investors and grow their business

How to post on AngelList

To post on AngelList, go to the “Posts” tab on the left of the main page and fill out the form. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you’ll see a “Posts” tab at the top of every page. On that page, click on the blue “Post” button and paste your AngelList post into the text field provided. You can also attach any images or videos you want to accompany your post. When you’re done, click on the blue “Submit” button and your post will be live!

Why is it so hard to get a job on AngelList?

AngelList is a great resource for job seekers, but it can be difficult to land an interview or get a job on the platform. Here are five reasons why it’s hard to get a job on AngelList:

  1. The hiring process is opaque.

AngelList doesn’t release much information about the hiring process, which makes it difficult for job seekers to understand how the platform works. This makes it difficult to stand out from the competition and make a strong case for why you should be hired.

  1. The number of jobs available is limited.

There are a limited number of jobs available on AngelList, so it can be tough for job seekers to find the right position. This means that applicants need to be proactive and search for opportunities on the platform instead of waiting for them to come knocking on their door.

  1. The salary range is low.

The median salary on AngelList is only $70,000 per year, which is significantly lower than other platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor. This means that most positions on AngelList are entry-level positions rather than higher-paying positions.

  1. The interview process is challenging.

The interview process on AngelList


There are a few things that I think could use improvement on AngelList – specifically, the quality of submissions and the review process. Overall, I’m still impressed by how easy it is to get started on AngelList and the number of opportunities that are available, but there are certainly some kinks to be worked out. If you’re looking for an early stage platform to build your business on, or if you’re just getting started and don’t have much funding yet, AngelList is definitely worth considering.



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