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How can I upgrade my Microsoft Office 2007 to 2020 for free?

What is Office 2020?

Microsoft Office 2020 is a free update for all current users of Microsoft Office, which includes the desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. It includes new features like AI-assisted collaboration with Microsoft Teams, enhanced search functionality and more. Office 2020 is available as a standalone software or as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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What are the new features in Office 2020?

In Office 2020, the most significant changes are to the user interface. Office has traditionally been a very utilitarian program with a simple interface, but in 2020 it has been completely redesigned to look more like Apple’s macOS and Google’s Chrome OS. Additionally, some features have been added that make working withOffice more intuitive, such as an updated Ribbon menu that makes it easier to find commands. However, there are also some features that have been removed from Office 2020 in order to streamline its design, such as the email client and the ability to create documents in more than one format.

Overall, Office 2020 is a minor update that improves the user experience while keeping much of what users love about the program unchanged. Those who need or want advanced features should continue using older versions of Office or go ahead and upgrade to Office 2020 for free when it becomes available later this year.

How to get Office 2020 for free

If you’re using an older version of Microsoft Office, like Office 2007 or 2010, you can upgrade to the newer version, Office 2020, for free. To do this, you need to have a copy of Office 2013 or later installed on your computer. Once you’ve got the latest version of Microsoft Office installed, follow these steps

1. Open the Windows Start menu and search for “Microsoft Office”
2. When the Microsoft Office app appears on your screen, click on it
3. On the left-hand side of the Microsoft Office window that opens, click on “File”
4. Under “Open With,” select “Microsoft Word 2016 (or other current version)…”
5. If prompted by security software about opening a file with unknown content from a foreign website, click on the “OK” button to continue
6. In the document that opens in Microsoft Word 2016 (or whichever current version you have installed), go to File > Save As… and save the document as a “.docx” file
7. Close Microsoft Word 2016 (or whichever current version you have installed) and any other open windows.

How to install Office 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade your copy of Microsoft Office to the latest version, you can do so for free through the Office 365 subscription service. Just make sure your computer is up to date and has the Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later installed.

Once you’ve got your installation set up, open Office 365 and sign in. Click on the “Updates & Security” button in the upper-left corner of the main window. Under “Office updates,” click on “Get updates.” You’ll be asked which type of update you want: “General Desktop Product Updates” or “Office Language Pack Updates.”

Select “General Desktop Product Updates” and then click on “Install.” After the update is complete, you’ll be prompted to restart your computer. When Office opens after restarting, it will be updated with the latest features and bug fixes.

You can also install patches for specific versions of Office by heading to and clicking on each version’s link under “See all available updates.” Follow the instructions that appear there, including downloading any required files.

If you’d like to keep your current version of Office while updating it, head over to it using that site’s walkthroughs.

Ending word

If you’re looking to upgrade your Microsoft Office 2007 software to the latest version, then you’ve come to the right place. our experts at PCWorld can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Office with 2020 features and enhancements. Our free upgrades offer a great way to stay up-to-date on all of the latest office innovations and make working with documents, presentations, and spreadsheets a more enjoyable experience. Don’t wait any longer; upgrade today!



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