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Reqer Stoma Belt for Men and Women with Hole Diameter

What is a Reqer Stoma Belt?

A reqer stoma belt is a type of medical device that helps individuals with ostomies (also known as colostomies) to maintain their digestive system by helping to control the flow of waste. These belts are typically worn by adults who have undergone surgery to remove part or all of their intestines.

  • What is a Reqer Stoma Belt?
  • How Does a Reqer Stoma Belt Work?
  • The Benefits of a Reqer Stoma Belt
  • Winding Up

The belt is worn around the waist and connected to a tube that goes into the stomach or small intestine. The belt helps to reduce vomiting and diarrhea, which can be caused by eating or drinking. A Reqer Stoma Belt is also used to help with constipation.

How Does a Reqer Stoma Belt Work?

A reqer stoma belt for men and women with hole diameters of at least 4.5 mm can help prevent prolapse and urine leakage from the stoma.

The belt is made from a soft, elastic fabric that expands to fit around the waist. The fabric is secured in place by adjustable straps that attach at the back of the waist. When you need to go to the bathroom, you simply unzip the straps and let go. The belt then self-adjusts to keep your stoma secure and your pants in place.

The Benefits of a Reqer Stoma Belt

There are many benefits to wearing a reqer stoma belt. The main benefit is that the belt helps to keep the stoma open, allowing easier and more comfortable passage of waste. It also helps support the stoma and prevents it from becoming stretched or weakened. Additionally, it can help to maintain good posture and keep your abdominal muscles strong.

Winding Up

There are a few things you should know if you’re considering a reaper stoma belt for men or women.The size of your stoma will determine the size of the belt you need.
Make sure the belt fits snugly around your waist, but is not so tight that it causes pain or restricts movement.Be sure to replace your belt every three months or sooner if it begins to fray or show signs of wear.



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