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The different types of technical ceramics

For industrial construction, it is always necessary to bet on the details to give an incomparable design to the building from floor to ceiling. It is important to bet on what is practical, but durable.For this, opting for ceramic is the ideal solution that offers different types. Here is some information to know about this product.

      • What is ceramic?
      • What are the different types of ceramic?
      • The many applications and benefits of ceramics
      • Final Remarks

What is ceramic?

Ceramic is made from inorganic and non-metallic components in two phases, including the so-called vitreous phase, which offers the resistance of glasses, and the crystalline phase. The material is then molten to become a powder.

This powder will then be mixed with a plasticizer, dye and distilled water so that the mixture becomes a homogeneous paste. This paste will be flattened to give the desired shape and then be brought to high-temperature cooking or sintering.

After firing, a body is obtained which will be cooled in the open air, it solidifies to become a product with an opaque, crystalline or glass characteristic. Ceramics are classified according to the sintering temperature.

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Technical ceramics are intended for frequent use and receive shocks such as thermal shock, blows, etc. It is to know that ceramic offers different groups which vary according to its chemical composition.

What are the different types of ceramic?

Ceramics offers different types including the combination of several materials which are mainly alumina, zirconia, aluminum, magnesium, and silicate. Technical ceramics are composed of two chemical elements including alumina and silicate, it is thus called silicate ceramics or composite ceramics.

Oxidized ceramics are made of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide. These materials used have a high percentage of purity which makes it possible to obtain quality ceramics, especially when fired at high temperatures.

The many applications and benefits of ceramics

Ceramics are excellent insulators that are most often encountered in electronics when they are used as electrical support for circuits or as housings, are used to manufacture components. They are versatile, they are found in medicine, health, and food.

They are resistant to different types of shocks such as friction and chemical attack. They make them attractive in many sectors such as transport, energy, and industry… for example, ceramics are used for the manufacture of spark plugs either as catalysts or even in fuel systems. nuclear ignition.

Final Remarks

As for composite ceramics, the aeronautics and space sectors consume the most. Indeed, this type of ceramic has an undeniable particularity which is its high resistance and longevity. Despite extreme shocks or unbearable conditions, it remains operational.
One of the advantages of ceramics is its eco-responsible character!

In short, ceramics are very interesting products that pose no danger to the environment or to humans.



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