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Why Players Are Quitting LOST ARK

What happened with the LOST ARK server?

Since the LOST ARK server went offline, many players have decided to quit the game. The main issue is that there is no way to get your items back if you decide to quit. There is also no way to get your character back if you decide to quit.

Many players are also upset with the developer because they haven’t been able to find an answer for their questions about the server going offline. Players have been asking for a solution since early December, and they still haven’t received a response.

Some players have even said that they will never come back to the game after quitting because of all of the issues surrounding the server going down.

Why are players quitting LOST ARK?

There are a few reasons that players are quitting LOST ARK. The most common reason is that the game is too hard, and players can’t seem to find a way to progress. Some players also feel like they are not making enough progress in the game, or they don’t like the PvP aspect of the game. Another common reason for players quitting LOST ARK is because they have family or work obligations that take up their time, and they don’t have time to continue playing the game.

What can we do for those players that have quit to keep them playing?

Players are quitting LOST ARK for a variety of reasons. Some players quit for personal reasons, such as starting a new job or having children. Others quit because the game is too difficult and they can’t keep up. Some players quit because they’ve reached the end of the game, while others quit after a few weeks because they don’t like the gameplay changes made by the developers over time.

LOST ARK is an online game with several different servers around the world. Players can choose to play on one of these servers, or they can create their own server and host their own game. However, even on servers with many players, it’s not uncommon for someone to quit every week or month.


Players are quitting LOST ARK over a lack of development, with many citing the game’s first expansion – The Lost Realm – as the reason for their departure. While some players may be content with the current state of the game, others have called for a significant update that would fix numerous issues and make LOST ARK a more enjoyable experience. It is clear that there is some dissatisfaction within the community, but it remains to be seen how Valve will address these concerns.



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