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Why The Bodeguita De Mima Is One Of Barcelona’s Best-Kept Secrets

When you think of Barcelona, you may think of sun, sand and beautiful architecture. But what about the city’s hidden gems? One of these is Bodeguita De Mima, a beloved bar that has been serving up Portuguese wine since the 1800s. If you’re looking for an intimate and unique bar experience, Bodeguita De Mima is definitely worth checking out. And with its close proximity to some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions, it’s easy to get to know this secret gem. So why is Bodeguita De Mima so special?

  • What is the Bodeguita De Mima?
  • History of the Bodeguita De Mima
  • What to order at the Bodeguita De Mima
  • The Menu at the Bodeguita De Mima
  • Conclusion

1.What is the Bodeguita De Mima?

The Bodeguita De Mima is a historic bar located in Barcelona’s old city. It is considered one of the best-kept secrets in the city, and it is well worth a visit!

The Bodeguita de Mima was originally opened in 1885 by Manuel de Mima, and it quickly became popular for its excellent wine selection. Today, the bar still features an extensive wine list, as well as a variety of cocktails and snacks.

The atmosphere at the Bodeguita de Mima is unique and charming. The bar is small and intimate, with low ceilings and wood paneling. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the wines available, so you can be sure to enjoy your visit.

2.History of the Bodeguita De Mima

The history of the Bodeguita de Mima is a tale of love, loss and redemption. The story starts in the late 1800s when Don Manuel Botet was forced to sell his small wine tavern on Las Ramblas due to financial troubles. In 1924, he reopened the business as the Bodeguita de Mima and it quickly became a popular hangout for Barcelona’s upper class.

During World War II, the Bodeguita de Mima was one of several restaurants that served up food to help feed the hundreds of thousands of refugees who were flooding into Barcelona. After the war, Don Manuel Botet passed away and his son, Josep Botet, took over the restaurant.

In 1976, Josep Botet opened up a second location in Sitges called La Bodeguita del Medio and shortly thereafter, he sold the original Las Ramblas location to businessman Jordi Pujol. In 1992, La Bodeguita de Mima was purchased by Roger Bassat who continued to run it until 2004 when it closed down for renovations.

In 2006, Bassat reopened La Bodeguita de Mima as an all-you-can-drink establishment with a new look and a menu that focused on classic Spanish cuisine. Today, La Bodeguita de Mima is one of Barcelona’s most popular restaurants and it remains one of the

3.What to order at the Bodeguita De Mima

If you’re looking for a fun andfriendly place to enjoy some tapas with friends, the Bodeguita De Mima is definitely worth checking out. With an extensive menu, there’s sure to be something for everyone to order.

If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, try the sangria or the cold beer. If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, try one of the paella dishes or a steak option. Whatever you choose, be sure to save room for some of their delicious desserts!

4.The Menu at the Bodeguita De Mima

If you love good Latin food, then the Bodeguita de Mima is a must-visit spot in Barcelona. This tiny, hole-in-the-wall bar has been serving up delicious Spanish dishes since the 1930s, and the menu hasn’t changed much over the years.

Items on the classic menu include tapas like garlicky shrimp skewers and Spanakopita pastry turnovers, as well as main courses like beef stew and paella. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try the bodega’s signature dish: octopus cooked in a spiced wine sauce.

No matter what you order at the Bodeguita de Mima, you’re sure to enjoy a hearty meal that’s bursting with flavor. So don’t wait any longer—grab a table and experience Barcelona’s best-kept secret for yourself!


If you’re ever in Barcelona and are looking for an authentic experience, look no further than the Bodeguita De Mima. This bar is sure to give you a taste of the city’s culture and history, as well as some of the best cocktails in town. Whether you’re drinks are on the sweet side or more savory, this bar is definitely worth a visit.



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