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Will China Invade Taiwan Next?

What are the tensions between China and Taiwan?

China and Taiwan have a complicated relationship, that dates back to the Chinese Civil War. After the war, the Communists won and Taiwan became a Province of China. However, the Nationalists (the group that lost the war) fled to Taiwan and continued to fight for independence. In 1949, after a bloody civil war, China won and Taiwan became a part of China once again.

The tensions between Taiwan and China have always been there, but they have increased in recent years. There are several reasons for this

-Taiwan is economically prosperous, while mainland China is not doing well economically;

-Taiwan has been increasing its ties with other countries (including the United States), while China is increasingly isolating itself from the rest of the world;

-There has been an increase in Chinese military activity near Taiwan;

-Taiwan’s democracy is considered a model by many people around the world.

Why is China currently invading Taiwan?

China’s recent actions in the South China Sea have given rise to speculation that Beijing is preparing for an invasion of Taiwan.

There are a few reasons why China might want to invade Taiwan. First, Taiwan is a valuable economic asset for Beijing, and an invasion would give China control over the island’s resources. Second, Taiwan is a key ally of the United States in the region, and an invasion could disrupt U.S. relations with Taiwan. Third, an invasion of Taiwan would solidify Beijing’s status as a major power in Asia and strengthen its position against America and other regional powers.

How might this impact the United States and the international community?

China has been increasingly aggressive in asserting its territorial claims in the South China Sea. This has included building military installations on disputed outposts, harassing Philippine vessels, and propping up the government of Vietnam. Taiwan has been a particular target because it is seen as a strategic asset by Beijing.

China’s actions have generated concern in the United States and elsewhere. The Trump Administration has expressed concerns about China’s intentions and called for a peaceful resolution to the dispute. Some members of Congress have called for a tougher response from the United States, including arms sales to Taiwan or even airstrikes against Chinese installations in the Spratly Islands.



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